Along these lines, he starred the fresh part of a father shape for Korra


In the event the relationship because scholar and professor started off badly, Korra truly thinks one to Tenzin are an extraordinary airbender and you will a high teacher. Their theories has actually assisted Korra owing to the woman struggles and also coached their beneficial instruction, like how-to dodge episodes regarding the professional-flexing band. [30] Tenzin confident her you to she you are going to tell him things, that Korra acknowledge the girl worries out-of Amon, whining in the fingers as he comforted this lady just after their frightening come upon on the Equalists’ commander. [17] Shortly after learning you to definitely she got forgotten the woman bending, Tenzin is actually quick in order to spirits and you may service the girl due to reassuring comments particularly: “You conserved Republic Town”, to which Korra set their hand on the their. [6]

Half a year later, the dating took a switch towards worse, which have Korra growing bored with airbending routine, believing to have get over it, even after Tenzin’s advice one she however needed seriously to grasp actual airbending unlike Korra-concept airbending. Through to understanding you to definitely Tenzin are partly guilty of the girl seclusion growing right up, it hit a busting part, Korra deciding to use up Unalaq’s render are their teacher, perception she and Tenzin had opted as far as they could together with her. [1]

Months later on, Korra found Tenzin and his family relations during the East Sky Forehead, and though its departure had not been regarding the top situations, she is actually warmly received from the family unit members. After she informed him or her regarding present developments of Water Group Municipal War, from which it understood little in the, Tenzin conveniently acknowledged Korra’s call for help enter the Heart Globe. Immediately following a dark colored soul attack, Tenzin regretted being unable to assistance the woman spiritually, detailing Unalaq’s instruction had indeed gotten the lady someplace since she is able to purify the newest dark morale. Although not, Korra rapidly in hopes your one Unalaq trained the woman to aid himself, as he had educated her to help this lady. She apologized in order to Tenzin on her before therapy of him, acknowledging that she need to have never ever became her right back for the your due to the fact this lady advisor and admitting you to definitely she called for him more ever. That have reconciled the distinctions, the two mutual a hug. [16]

Tenzin are astonished on training one to Unalaq got severed Korra’s connection which have Raava and all of the girl earlier existence, yet the guy nevertheless attempted to unit the latest depressed Korra, providing this lady the content of hooking up towards the cosmic vitality regarding the newest universe in order to overcome Vaatu. When Korra’s heart gone back to their body plus the Avatar Stage was revived, Tenzin acknowledged the girl, stating that “[she is actually] amazing”. [4]

Weeks later, Tenzin excitedly inserted Korra on her behalf objective so you’re able to reconstruct the air Nomads. Shortly after learning you to Hou-Ting, the planet Queen, try abducting airbenders and you will conscripting her or him for the a secret military, Tenzin aided Korra bust him or her aside. Both, along with the rest from People Avatar, was basically winning into the doing this and you can fled Ba Sing Se with this new airbenders. Tenzin in hopes the girl that she got well done until the one or two welcomed and you can parted means, that have Korra proceeded the girl browse of airbenders and you will Tenzin going to help you the brand new Northern Air Forehead to begin with training. Later on, Tenzin and Korra conveyed together through the broadcast. Korra provided Tenzin suggestions about just how to motivate the newest unmotivated airbenders, and therefore pleased the master and you may encouraged him to compliment their given that a wise Avatar. [44]

Tenzin’s youngsters

Ikki, Meelo, and you can Jinora had been fundamentally amicable towards Korra. They seemed really happier when she chose to stick with her or him. [5] Later, they really made an effort to offer good information so you can Korra whenever she are attempting to incorporate the lady way from airbender doors. [30] Ikki and Jinora have been a variety of of your first anyone Korra talked so you can on this lady smash on the Mako, and additionally they each other made an effort to give their very best advice about the lady situation. [18]

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